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Core confidence. (English version)

Core confidence. (English version)

Doing something for yourself, that’s potentially bigger than you’ve ever done for your self. Most people are caring, nurtering and pleasing others while forgetting themselves. An extra dimension would be unless taking care of your loved ones and or children, you also take care of your own wellbeing.

An investment in you, is investing in the most incredible assest you have. YOU.


Most people do small things to comfort their lives, but seldom do great things that empower their lives.

Seldom they do something to help them continious growing, and genially change them into fullfilled happy people. There are a lot of techniques around on the internet, but without the right coaching and implementation, you end up with the same life with knowing how to do it different. And there’s something internal that prevents them from moving forward.

The biggest blockage is often FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. At the end they get discouraged and think they’re not worthy of having a fullfiling life with happiness and freedom, while taking care of lovedones and their business.

The funny thing is that a lot of people work their buts off because they are unconfortable in other areas in their lives. I never have any time to focus on my children, I never have time to meet people, I never have time to focus on a lovelife, or several other excuses for not feeling comfortable in other areas of your life.

When we dig deep we see that people can control their lives, but not the areas they are uncomfortable at. They can’t control their kids, or lovelife, if someone rejects me, or a healthy food program. Work they can control.

Core confidence vs Surface confidence.

Surface confidence is I look confident, I feel certain, peolpe look at you as if you are an extravert.

Core confidence however comes from feeling real invincible inside, like whatever happens outside of me no one can get in and effect that. To get to your core confidence you need to go through severe powerfull coaching so that it becomes your nature.

Doing something for your self, that’s potentially bigger than you’ve ever done for yourself.

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