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Discovering your true potential

Discovering your true potential

Discovering your true potential

In life, we all have our talents; it’s just about working out what your own talent is. Personal self-development means taking the time to master your intelligence and your talent whilst making sure you are doing so in the right way.

To discover your own talents, I believe it’s always important for a bit of self-discovery, first. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • What subject (passion – interest – expertise) stirs your thoughts the most?
  • What do you feel is missing from that subject, and how could you add value?
  • Does it add value to other people’s lives or do you solve problems for other people in any shape or form?
  • Are you commited or only interested towards that subject?

If so, then this is where your talent will most likely lie. If you can spot the gaps or holes within any subject then it’s possible to fill that hole; you just need to find out how. That part of the journey, though, is entirely up to you – now it’s about creating a way to discover and harness those ideas properly.

The only question you need to ask yourself is, who benefits from my talent, who am I helping or who’s problem do I solve? And step two is how do I package my product or service to profit from it by charging money for my product or service. Before we get at this stage we first need to get totally clear on unlocking your true potential.

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Unlock your Talent.

To unlock your talent, you need to know what you are talented in. We’ve discussed above how to actually work out what interests you in life, so how do you take that next step? How do you start to impart your knowledge and your wisdom onto the talent you hold?

Always try and;

  • Research and discuss your topic – conversation creates ideas.
  • Who creates a lot of value to their customers and how do they do that?
  • Don’t talk with family, friends or other fools (the 3 F’s) when it comes to making decisions or getting valuable information. Talk to experts in the field, and make sure you ask the right questions to the right specialist.
  • Start to look into the industry happenings and changes within that field – who else is involved here?
  • Create a basic plan for, at the very least, who would be worth contacting to see if they could help you formulate your plan.
  • Start to tap into your network and highlite those who could be of any assistance for your new direction. Remember you are wearing a different hat now, so you need to find different people who can assist you to your new and exciting carreer.
  • Start carrying out these basics and you will find it’s much easier to unlock your talent. To utilize talent you need access to the right people and the correct resources. With this ideology in mind,    you should have no problems moving towards the solutions that you wish to create.

Remember: whilst unlocking your innate abilities is going to be tough, a failure to do so will really start to hurt your progress in the long-term whilst reducing your chances of actually succeeding.

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